Unified Products and Services Team Success Group Promo. Gusto mo ba ng ONE STOP SHOP Home Business? 14,998 pesos lang may SYSTEM ka na pwedeng mag: Ticketing, Remitance, Loading, Bills Payments, at Insurance. Magkakaroon ka rin ng access para sa aming mga Travel and Tours packages at marami pang iba!


At, may PERSONAL promo pa ako kung mag register or join ka DIRECTLY under me.

Global Dealer Package = 14,998 pesos.



Promo #1:

Kung mag join ka with one Global Dealer Account:


Pwede kitang gawan at pahiramin ng isang page sa blog ko na tulad ng ganito sa ibaba. Basta mag request ka lang.

(See Samples Below – Click nyo lang kahit isa sa mga LINK below po)





Kahit po isang blog page lang yan, after 2 to 4 weeks ay maaaring searcheable na yan sa Google search engine based on my observation but this is not a promise. What is sure po, pwede nyo ng gamitin pang promote yan sa mga postings ninyo sa Facebook about UPS business nyo.



Promo #2

Kung mag register or join ka directly under me with 7 Global Dealer Account.

Pwede kitang pahiramin ng mas personalized website tulad ng mga website below na pwede mong gamitin pang promote sa UPS business mo. Mag request ka lang.

(See Sample Website below – Click any LINK below po)

http://markmalcon.unifiedproductsandservices.ph/ - Caloocan

http://gracediez.unifiedproductsandservices.ph/ - Rizal Provinces

http://jemelynsaldivar.unifiedproductsandservices.ph/ - Cavite

http://sofiamacaraeg.unifiedproductsandservices.ph/ - Davao

http://jubzanino.unifiedproductsandservices.ph/ - Las Pinas

http://jesieltamayo.unifiedproductsandservices.ph/ - Antipolo

Mas personalized na yan, kasi solo ka na sa website. Mas magandang ipang promote sa Facebook mo.

At may bonus pa ako para sa mag 7 head Global Dealer Account, igagawa ko pa sya ng tulad ng Promo #1 na very very searcheable sa Google.



REMEMBER, THIS IS A PERSONAL & Team SUCCESS Group PROMO, at hindi ito promo ng company.

This Personal promo is available and is only offered  to proven Team SUCCESS Team Leaders and at least have 3 multiple accounts. Yes, 3 Global Dealer accounts lang po kung proven leaders ka na.

This promo is ON TOP of the existing or current promo of the company if there's any.





The Blog Page or the Website that I will lend to you is good for 1 year only, meaning a 1 year free hosting subscription, to which you can have the option to maintain the payment after 1 year. It can be taken away if there is a complaint against you, or you mis-use  it, or use it against Unified Products and Services correct business practices or use it for any illegal purposes or company mis-representation.

Although I will try to maintain the hostings or Domain name for the said blog or website lend to you for as long as I am an active member and part of the company, this can be taken away or stop once I decided to stop the payment for the said hostings or domain for any reason beyond my control.


Please message me if you have questions.


Thank you,

Art. Pagatpatan

Team Success Grand Upline

Pioneer member and leader of Unified Products and Services Inc.

+639178811365, 09999930315, 09228807291 & 2154791

Email: ups@upsPhilippines.com

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